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Community Events

European Islamic Centre Charity Dinner

WLIC invites you to attend a special dinner, organised in support of the European Islamic Centre, Oldham. Join us for an evening of fine cuisine, gracious company and an opportunity to assist in a distinguished community endeavour, the establishment of an exceptional UK Muslim institution and House of Allah (swt). Please see the flyer below for ticket details.

EIC is an ambitious community project aimed at establishing a unique institute which will cater for the social and spiritual needs of all citizens

Undertaken by the UK Islamic Mission, the established Islamic social welfare organisation based in Britain, the European Islamic Centre (EIC) is a special community project with its focus in Manchester and the surrounding areas. Once operational, the centre will consist of a large mosque with social, educational and vocational project provisions for all members of the local and regional community. God willing it will serve as a main venue for inter-faith research, Islamic publishing, public service, engagement and as a base for international humanitarian projects.

The centre will also meet important objectives for the local Muslim community through a comprehensive set of services and support for the social and religious development of British Muslims. It aims to directly serve a population of over 250,000 Muslims in the Northwest of England or 15% of the total Muslim population of Britain. The project is valued at £4,500,000. Your wholehearted moral and financial support is requested for this noble cause. For further project details or to make a donation please view:

The Prophet (pbuh) said 'What I have forbidden to you, avoid; what I have ordered you [to do], do as much of it as you can. It was only their excessive questioning and their disagreeing with their prophets that destroyed those who were before you.' [Related in Muslim]