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WLIC Shares the Eid Feeling with Ealing
At the conclusion of the sacred month of Ramadan, in which thousands across the Muslim community fasted, prayed, gave and forgave; WLIC launched it's pioneering Eid gift giving campaign.

The idea was simple but heartfelt, to raise hundreds of pounds to distribute Eid gifts to our neighbours in the local community.

Hundreds of local residents received these personalised gifts - from luxury chocolate for local families to fresh fruit baskets for public servants. All delivered in the spirit and generosity of the Eid ul Fitr festival, marking the end of Ramadan, on behalf of local Muslims and the West London Islamic Centre & Ealing Mosque.

Essential public services who received gift items included health, fire, police, library, local authority and victim support services. It was felt important that we all recognise their contribution to our community and appreciate the tremendous work they do to deliver valuable services, particularly in a time of austerity and tightened public spending.

WLIC would like to thank all supporters and volunteers who helped make this good-willed cause a reality. Jazakallah'Khair. We were happy to do our bit in sharing the Eid feeling with Ealing!

It is narrated on the authority of Jabir that Numan b. Qaufal came to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and said: 'Would I enter Paradise if I say the obligatory prayers and deny myself that which is forbidden and treat that as lawful what has been made permissible (by the Shariah)'? The Holy Prophet(pbuh) replied in the affirmative.[Sahih Muslim]