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GCSE Tuition Classes 2023

Fully Booked

The West London Islamic Centre (WLIC) is planning to organise GCSE Maths & Science tuition classes for local Year 11 students, boys and girls who are sitting their exams in late May and June.  

If we receive adequate interest, WLIC will be hiring the services of professional, qualified teachers to cover key topics, pass papers, revision and exam techniques.

The classes will Insha’Allah be held on the weekends of Sat 13th/Sun 14th and Sat 20th/Sun 21st May 2023, from 2pm-6pm, in the Masjid's visitor centre. The Masjid will subsidise all costs and this will be a free program, so please take advantage of the opportunity.

Spaces will be limited, if you have teenagers taking GCSE’s this year and would like them to participate, please inform them and register your interest and their details in the Centre office or email with their full name, parent/guardians name, parent/guardians contact number, email address and location. All welcome to apply by Thursday 11th May.


Address: West London Islamic Centre, Singapore Road, London W13 0SQ

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