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West London Islamic Centre & Jamia Masjid
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Annual Family Fundays
Family Fundays 1997-2017

The Masjid organised this community event anually for 20 years. It included, barbecues, food stalls, book stalls, martial art & boxing exhibitions, talks by prominent Muslim personalities, ice-cream van, fair rides, paint facing, a seperate sisters section, mehndi artists, fire brigade, and lots more.

The Prophet(pbuh) said, 'My example and the example of the Prophets before me is like a man who built a house, which he built and perfected except for the space on one block; people would go round the house and stare in awe at its perfection and say,'Had it not been for this space!' The Prophet continued, 'I am that brick, I am the last of the Prophets.' (Al-Bukhari)